Healing together as a team!

In each HEAL Technique® session you will be working with Carolanne or the HEAL Technique® practitioner of your choice. By using your personal energy to bring about a shift, together we will promote a beautiful healing within you. We do this through the power of focused intention from the heart space, universal knowledge and a bit of powerful breath work. Neuroplasticity in it’s finest form, QUICK – EASY- PAINLESS!

We can do a session in person, by video, or telephone. Distance does not matter when doing this energy work.

Some people call us healers…Energy healers. 
Mind-body-spirit healers. 
Light workers. Energy workers. 

But, we want to be clear: we’re not healers. Not in the traditional sense anyway. We don’t perform healings. You do. We don’t perform miracles. You do. We witness healings. We witness miracles. All the time. But we don’t DO the healing. YOU DO. We just facilitate the process and remind you of the tools already available to you within.

You are going to go through your plan one way or another.

 You can go through it with a sliver of hope or with amazing empowerment. 

You will experience your design in many different vibrations. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience it in a high one?

You are a powerful, magnificent being. And you have all the codes to heal and transform yourself.

Let’s get that energy back, after all it never goes away,

Energy just gets stuck and dense. You have a light inside…that light is where the healing begins.

You came into this world with a plan, a design, a template.

We just have a simple little technique that helps you remember how to unlock them.

What we can do, YOU CAN DO.
It’s so simple.
So easy.
So accessible.
With immediate results. Instant healing.
We don’t mess around.
Who has time for that anyway?!

Besides, you are worth it.

Worthy of infinite love. Worthy of instant healing. 

And worthy of waking up to the awareness of the brilliant, shining light that you are.

Do you know what is the main cause of physical illness, mental illness, emotional illness and spiritual depletion is?
It is Shortage of ENERGY.

Energy used on imbalances and illness slows the regular body functions and thought processing down making more things imbalanced… YIKES!
Let’s get that energy back, after all it never goes away, it just gets stuck and dense. You have a light inside…that light is where the healing begins.

ARE YOU READY TO SHIFT? If so, we are ready to assist! 


Learn the best possible way to de-condition you from the programs and patterns that take you from your authentic self.


Explore your subconscious belief systems and how you are allowing them to work against you


Your subconcious systems can be shifted to clear trauma and reprogrammed to help you

We will go to the root of negative patterns and neutralize the energy allowing it to move free in the body, mind and spirit bridging the 3 together. forming a high vibration where you can experience your life design with expanded awareness.

Your first appointment is a 90 minute session.
 Any follow up appointments will be 60 minutes or, if you prefer, another 90 minute session.
You will receive a confirmation email with the details for your session.