The HEAL Technique® dives straight to the source of the blockage and removes it. Without the drama. It’s quick, easy, painless and SO EFFECTIVE. 

For an understanding of that powerful love you hold, and for an easy transition during this shift, register for our classes! We are ALL capable to make our dreams come true…sometimes we just need direction. We have a class for those who are ready to step it up!

Learning at HEAL Technique ® classes and events is a beautiful and easy way for you to unfold during the shift into the light of the oneness while being surrounded by infinite LOVE!

We help you clear the stagnant energy lodged and festering inside you by transforming it so that energy can flow. The information discussed in these classes is priceless. The way you experience life changes, the way you see this planet changes, your relationships: You will certainly feel more deep towards the healthy ones and toxic relationships might just become nonexistent.

ARE YOU READY TO SHIFT? If so, we are ready to assist! 

HEAL Technique® Human Design Chart

Learn how to use your personal unique frequency chart understand how your energy flows

Learn about your personal unique frequency chart understand how your energy flows what you can change and where you can not... The beauty is in the choices and the vibration. What level do you want to take yourself to? It is already mapped out the choice is yours!

HEAL Technique® Workshops 

The HEAL Technique® seminars are designed to take you in to a de-conditioning from the not-self to the Organic Self

You are running programs. Like it or not they sit in your subconscious and fortunately there is a fast easy way to shift them that will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours. Let's not play around this lifetime and get this done so we can get through this maze and have some FUN!

HEAL Technique® ReTreats

Our newest ReTreat! Finally a way to move through the 5 Stages of Grief in a gentle yet powerful way that allows you to come to terms with your feelings. 

No one can feel your pain a pain so deep tied up inside of you. Maybe your numb, maybe your stuck, maybe your depressed... whatever it is, you should not have to live with this anymore. You are aloud to move past this and we are here to help.

HEAL Technique® Certification

The HEAL Technique® is a clean, simple tool in your box of tools that can help you get your clients un-stuck. 

It can help you help your clients get different results. We teach you very simply how to help your clients clear the stagnant energy lodged and festering inside someone by transforming it so that energy can flow. If you are ready, you can learn it, use it, and become a Certified HEAL Technique℠ Practitioner!

Therapists around the world are using the HEAL Technique in fact many use it as their first line in working with PTSD, abuse victims, and relationship issues. Although this technique was developed for a way to eliminate physical illness it is recognized as a form of Neuroplasticity in conjunction with the release of the neurotransmitter DMT or Dimethyltryptamine naturally which finally after many years is being proven to eliminate trauma. Carolanne was just ahead of her time and you can be as well!